Italian nurse murders his girlfriend for 'infecting him with Coronavirus '

 Italian nurse murders his girlfriend for

An Italian attendant supposedly choked his primary care physician sweetheart to death since "she gave him Coronavirus."

In the wake of carrying out the wrongdoing, 28-year-old Antonio De Pace allegedly called cops to reveal to them he had killed youthful surgeon, Lorena Quaranta, 27.

At the point when Police showed up at the scene, they discovered her dead in their condo in Italy, while De Pace was found on the floor having slit his wrists yet his associates had the option to spare his life at their hosiptal.
The young couple had been working in a local hospital in Messina, Sicily after they were drafted to help during the coronavirus crisis.

De Pace allegedly confessed: "I killed her because she gave me coronavirus."

A police source said: "She was a doctor who was working hard to save others. It's such a tragedy."

The Sun reports that tests were being carried out on both, but it came back negative, meaning neither Lorena or De Pace had the virus.

Lorena had been very vocal on social media about the coronavirus outbreak.

 Italian nurse murders his girlfriend for

In a Facebook post just days before her death Lorena wrote: "Now more than ever we need to demonstrate responsibility and love for life.
"You must show respect for yourselves, your families and the country.
''You must think and remember those that dedicate their lives daily to looking after our sick.
"Let's stick together everyone staying at home. Let's avoid the next one falling sick is a loved one or ourselves."

Last month, her boyfriend posted a message congratulating her after she passed a test and said:
"To reach our dreams you have to work hard with determination and you are proof.

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