Coronavirus 57-year-old police officer dies in Edo of coronavirus

- A police officer has lost his life in Edo state - The cop kicked the bucket from cororonavirus entanglements - Edo has 15 affirmed cases, with seven released and two passings so far The Edo official for Health, Patrick Okundia, on Wednesday, April 22, confirmed the death of another COVID-19 patient in the state, bringing the number of deaths from the disease in the state to two. Okundia, who confirmed the death of the patient to newsmen in Benin, described it as unfortunate. “We had an unfortunate situation of a 57-year-old police officer, who passed on yesterday (Tuesday). “It is not very clear how he got the infection but he developed some illnesses.
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“Initially, there was no evidence of suspicion of coronavirus disease, but when the symptoms started getting worse, he was treated at the police clinic. “About two days before he died, our surveillance team was called to have a look and it was in that process that they took his sample and sent it to the laboratory, while he continued with his drug.

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