Emmanuel Adebayor just sent his 'girlfriend' and ex-BBA winner, Dillish Mathews 300 red roses for Valentine (Photos)

 Looks like Emmanuel Adebayor just sent his Recall that in November 2017,  Togolese professional footballer Emmanuel Adebayor, who plays as a striker for Turkish club ?stanbul Ba?ak?ehir, accidentally revealed that he was dating ex-BBA winner, Dillish Mathews, after they drew attention with 'His and Hers' posts on Social Media. Read the previous story here

The Namibian beauty today took to her Twitter account to show off the 300 red roses she received from her boo for Valentine.
She says it's the most she has ever received in her life.
'300 red roses! The most I've ever received in my life!!!! Thank you honey ??? kai I can't stop smiling,' she wrote on Twitter.

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