We can’t keep giving jobs to foreigners while our own workers suffer - Donald Duke blows hot

Donald Duke has stated that Nigeria cannot keep contracting jobs to foreigners while its own workers suffer

- The former Cross River governor stated that western countries award their contracts to indigenous companies, while the reverse is the case here

- He stressed that it would be a thing of pride if Nigerians build their own country, instead of allowing others do the job

Former governor of Cross River state, Donald Duke, has stated that Nigeria cannot keep contracting jobs to foreigners while its own contractors suffer, The Nation reports.

The ex-governor made the comments while delivering a keynote address at the Annual Distinguished Lecture of the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers (NICE) in Abuja, the nations’ capital.

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Vicariousentertainment gathers that Duke lamented that nothing would be passed to the next generation if Nigerians are not allowed to make mistakes and correct them.

Donald Duke (Photo credit: Daily Post) He stated that unlike what is obtainable in western countries where contracts are awarded to indigenous firms to grow the economy, Nigeria’s case was the reverse.

Duke stated that Nigeria’s huge population was not being effectively exploited to produce advantages for the nation and its citizens.

In his words: “In the U.S., Europe, China, they give contracts to their own people. We cannot continue contracting our own jobs to foreigners.

“We have to make the mistakes and correct the mistakes; otherwise we will not pass anything to the next generation.

“It cannot be theory every time. It will be a thing of pride that we build our country, not others building it for us.”

Duke further revealed that a proposal stating that Nigeria assembles its own household items had not yet been actualized.

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