Tunde Ednut releases pictures of Bobrisky being thrown over the gate by policemen

Music producer and social media user, Tunde Ednut has once again thrown jabs at cross dresser, Bobrisky

- He took to his Instagram page to release exclusive photos of Bobrisky being thrown over the gate by some policemen when he was arrested last month

-The pictures which were never seen before has got the internet whirled up

The relationship between music producer Tunde Ednut and Nigerian 'male barbie', Bobrisky just took yet another turn for the worst as Tunde took to social media to release some never before seen pictures of Bobrisky taken when he was being arrested by the police last month.

Although Tunde claimed his aim was to call out Bobrisky on his lie since the cross dresser continued denying being arrested by the police, some persons believe his reason for releasing this pictures bothers more on sentiments than anything else, judging from the history of enmity between these two.

He post a picture of Bobrisky and accompanied it with this caption: "3 WEEKS AGO WHEN BOBRISKY WAS ARRESTED. I HAD THIS PICTURE “EXCLUSIVE” TO ME ON THE DAY HE GOT ARRESTED, BUT I DIDN’T JUST WANNA POST IT, BUT OH WELL THIS IS IT - This was how he was handcuffed and bundled out his “rented” personal house. Jacob locked the gate from outside, they had no choice but to bundle him over the fence. He was not allowed to carry his SNAPCHAT FILTER over the fence. He came on social media to lie to us that it was a lie, he was never handcuffed, he was only taken to Abuja for questioning. He should stop lying. TAG YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE THIS. #StopTheLiesBobrisky #SameBlackJeans"

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Tunde Ednut shares photos of Bobrisky being thrown over the gate by policemen

Tunde Ednut shares photos of Bobrisky being thrown over the gate by policemen

Recall that after Bobrisky’s arrest, the crossdresser’s estranged former gateman, Jacob said;

“I was not around when the police came to the house to arrest my Oga. I went to buy coke and groundnut. One of our neighbours told me they beat him up and threw him over the gate because I locked it before I left! My Oga asked me not to talk anymore please leave me alone!”

Well one thing is certain, the fight continuously demonstrated on social media by these two does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

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