The Right Sunglasses For Every Facial Frame

Believe it or not, there’s a bit of science when it comes to getting g the right type of medicated glasses or sunglasses that fits the shape of your face.
Our faces come in an array of shapes and sizes which makes some sunglasses look awkward on us and some look like they were made specifically for us.
No matter the shape and size of face nature blessed you with, it is important you bear some important factors in mind when choosing glass frames.
Sunglasses have become an important fashion accessory of the modern man and can incredibly improve a dull appearance.
However, using the wrong sunglasses can make you look weird and clumsy especially if the one you choose to wear is not appropriate for the shape of your face.
The four most common shapes of the human face are square, round, oval and heart. It however shouldn’t be a difficult thing to get the right sunglasses for your face.
All you need to do is follow the basic guidelines below, and pass yourself through the all important mirror test to get determine if it’s the right one for you or not.
Oval Face
Wayfarer sunglasses
People with oval faces have what is perhaps the most genetically blessed faces. This is because people with oval faces can pretty much wear any type of sunglasses and look the best they want to be.
Consider yourself genetically blessed. The only problem people with oval faces face is choosing the frames that will match their outfits and the rest of their looks.
They also have the freedom of going for bold choices when it comes to their glasses and can choose between retro-inspired designs, animal skin frames and thicker frames.
The Square Face
Ankara Sunglasses
The square face has a characteristically prominent jaw which makes wearing sunglasses that are shaped in a rectangular or square shape which can tremendously improve your look and people’s perception of you.
A square or rectangular framed sunglasses on your square face will make you look fearsome and positive especially if the frames are thick. It gives you an air of someone that can be in total control of any situation that may arise.
Wearing round frames is also acceptable to some certain extent as they can help to soften the natural angles of your face.
The Round Face
The round face can present some form of challenge because it requires the opposite of almost all other facial shapes.

If you have a round face, you may want to settle for a pair of rectangular frames. The reason for this is that the frames can help to provide your face with a subtle structure that can have an overall effect on the type of impression you make on people.
Using a rectangular frame if you have a round face can also help to reduce any suggestions or perceptions of you having a “moon face” because it draws away attention from your round curves and instead allows people to focus on the rectangle shape of your frames.
The Heart Face
People with a heart face have cheeks and chin that are narrower than the top half of their faces.
As such, any sunglasses that would be used by you if you fall in this category should contour your face in a way that your appearance is symmetrical.
More so, your glasses of choice should not be too small or too big on your face.
The most suitable glass frames should be wider at the top.
Go for frames with a little more detail, especially if you prefer them that way even though it may not be entirely necessary.

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