How to Get Your Google Adsense Approved Within 1 Days

In this blog post, getting your Google Adsense Approved is going to be listed and explained in a plain and simple method due to the upcoming new bloggers that might be reading this.
Is it possible to get your Google adsense approved within 48hrs? YES! It is. A lot of people say it could last for 3 days and some say a week, but I am here standing tall to let you know that you can actually get your Google AdSense approved within a 2 day, if you do the right thing.
It won’t be easy but I tell you if you follow the steps and try not to skip any of the process. Every step that will be listed below is as important as each other step. So try not to skip any. One thing you should know is that all the steps are all connected to one another.
Google Adsense is one of the best things that can ever happen to your site or blog. It is the best advertising program you can think of that is better the any other advertising program. This is the most trusted and fastest way to earn revenue.
Google Adsense unlike other Advertising programs has certain criteria and rules that you must follow and obey; your site or blog most meet the requirement of Google AdSense Policy before they can approve you.
After you apply for adsense, Google take a review on your site or blog instantly that’s if you follow all the steps listed below but Google team are not the once that review your site or blog; their bots do because of the millions of applications they receive.
There are certain terms that we need to understand and define:
  • Google Adsense
  • Original Content
  • Niche
I am sure you will understand why the definition of Google Adsense but you might not understand why I had to bring up Original Content and Niche. It is all connected.
  1. (Google Adsense): Google Adsense is an advertising Program owned by Google which allows and enables publishers (like you and I) to montinize content in sites or blogs to serve as automated text, images or videos based on the content (Niche) of the site or audience.
  1. Original/Quality Content: These are articles or write ups or images written or uploaded by someone, in which that person stand and appears to be the original owner or author of it.
  1. Niche: A niche in a simple term is what your blog is all about. A niche could be health, celebrity, education, technology, blogging and more. In other words, your blog or site could be about health then your niche is health. That means 60% of your content should be on health.
So many people apply for Google adsense but they get rejected over and over again and they ask their self. Why? Why is my Google adsense not approved?
The reason is that you are doing it all wrong, there are requirement you need to meet before you apply but you need not to worry anymore because your Google Adsense approved it is; after the end of this blog post of how to get your Google adsense approved.
Please have it in mind that; if you apply for Google AdSense and you were rejected, you should wait for at least a month before you reapply Again.
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Now, let’s get down to the real deal on how to get your Google adsense approved within 48hrs.

  1. Quality/Original Content: As defined above, Original Content is articles or write ups or images written or uploaded by someone, in which that person stand and appears to be the original owner or author of it.
You have to avoid copying or reposting of content, Google don’t like publishers that copy and paste, it does not just hinder you from getting your Google adsense approved but destroys your reputation and makes you lose ranking in search engines.
Content is King as they say; it is true. Your content has to be meaningful and worth it.
If you are writing an article then your article most be minimum of 600 words and above. You can even write up to 2000 words.
Review has been made that Google loves genuine and lengthy words. It might be a bit hard because bloggers of nowadays don’t know how to write or don’t like writing but funny enough you can’t be a blogger if you aren’t a writer. Do all you want but without your own original content, your application will not be approved.
  1. Sufficient Amount of Post in Your Blog: Before you apply for Google adsense, you need to have a total number of at least 20 articles that is post in your blog and try not to forget above the first mentioned on Original content because as you write at least 20 different articles, each one of those articles most be up to 600 words and above. They both work hand in hand.
  1. Make Your Meta title and Meta description SEO Friendly: Meta tags are vital when applying for Google adsense in the sense that or because when the Google crawlers visit your site, they go to your Meta tags to collect information of each of your post and Crawl the content.
Those descriptions are what the search engines display to public. Meta titles are always 69 letter words and Meta descriptions are 160 words.
  1. Stay away from adsense prohibited content: When applying for adsense, try not to include content that Google has prohibited, Make sure that you stay away from copyright content, that is copied article, weapon content, adult content, hacking content and much more. Click here to read about prohibited content
If you stay away from the prohibited content, your Google adsense will be approved. Check out the Google adsense terms and condition
  1. Stay away from third party ads: it is said that Google is a jealous lover. When you are about to apply for Google adsense, make sure that you don’t have any ads placed in your site or blog because that alone can hinder you from getting your Google adsense approved.
It’s good to have different source of generating revenue but you need to know that Google ads is the best and the biggest of them all. So please stay away from other ads program like Chitika, Shareaholic ads, info links and others.
Affiliate marketing is good but I will suggest that you get your Google adsense approved before you go for affiliate program.
  1. Use a Custom Domain Name (.com) and a Custom Email ID: You want your Google adsense approved within 2 days, you need to show Google that you are a serious person and you are ready to invest in what you are doing.
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Getting a custom domain name such as .com .org .net .is important and it looks professional in the eyes of visitors and public.
Also customize your email ID to make it professional. For example if your email ID is then you customize it to be like this This will boost your approval.
  1. Site Age Duration: your site age most reach a certain period of time before you apply to avoid application rejection. It is said that some countries like India and China site or blog age most reach 6 months before they can apply.
But for other countries, you need not to worry about that but all the same your site age has to be at least 2 months old before you can apply.
  1. Image Content: This is one part a lot of bloggers make. Google take note of all copyrighted images; you need to be careful with the way you save images from directories and the way you upload them.
Before you save and upload any image to your blog or site, make sure it is free for you to save, make sure it does not have a restriction on it.
I will advise you to try getting your own image and be the authority owner of that image, also put an alt description on it. This is also a method of generating traffic to your site when it is been clicked.
  1. Blog Design, Structure and User Experience: Am sure as you thought of creating your blog or site, one of the first things you thought of was the way and manner it’s going to look and how to beautify it.
When giving your blog or site a befitting design and structure don’t think about yourself but think about your visitors, the people coming to visit your site. They need to be satisfied and excited with the look of your blog if they are, then you need not to worry because Google adsense team will love it.
Google adsense team will manually go through your site so make your site or blog user friendly and easy to navigate.
  1. Most Have Pages in Your Blog or Site: For you not to be rejected, you most create this pages below, depending on what your site or blog of course:
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and Condition
When applying for adsense, Google go through these pages to see if there are no mistakes as regard to the person applying not just that they also want to know the kind of restrictions and authority that you posses.
This is important not just to Google but also to your visitors if they want to contact you. So I plead again make sure you have this pages created before you apply for adsense.
  1. Number of Visitors: People say you most get some certain amount of visitors to your site before you apply. Well that’s not true; all you need to worry yourself about is doing the right thing.
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When applying for Google adsense, number of visitors doesn’t matter at all, what matters is the genuinity of your content. So don’t worry about visitors for, worry about visitors after you have gotten your adsense.
  1. Webmaster Verification: This is essential before you apply for Google adsense. In fact this is one thing everyone should have done immediately after creating his or her blog.
By verifying your URL to Google webmaster Google now have complete access to your site in their search engine. Now imagine applying for Google adsense when the same site you are applying with is not even verified by the same Google webmaster.
How do you think you will get approval for adsense? No! You won’t so please do verify with Google webmaster. Also add your URL to Bing
  1. XML Sitemap and Robots.txt: When you have a sitemap installed in your site, you build a trust between your site and the Google bots there by making them index your site faster. It is true that some plugins like SEO and others do have an easy way of activating XML Sitemap but I suggest you install XML Sitemap by Arne Brachhold from
Also create Robots.txt on your website which is very easy as well. You can use you SEO to create your robots.txt to avoid doing it manually. This stops Google bots from indexing unwanted junks onto Google.
  1. Finally, Keep Your Blog Updated: Google doesn’t like lazy publishers (bloggers), always update your blog no matter how little. At least make one post daily to show that you are serious and that post you make most be a genuine content.
Once you follow the above mentioned strategies correctly, click here to apply for Google Adsense. I guaranty you that getting your Google adsense approved will be at first submission.
If you have any contributions, questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to drop it below at the comment box. I really would love to hear from you.
Read Guides on how to apply for Google Adsense
This is extremely necessary because you might do all the above mentioned and apply for Google AdSense hoping on getting your Google adsense approved and you will get rejected.
You might think that you are the only person that have used that your domain name but you might be surprised the amount of people that have used it before you if you check.
You seeing the domain name available during the period you wanted to purchase or buy it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been used before by another person.

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