8 Signs Your Lover Is With You Only Because Of Sex And Money

Relationships can be complicated with people you love for numerous reasons.
From not being sure about their feelings for you to them loving and wanting you for financial and pleasure purposes only, one can never be too sure of why the person you love is in a relationship with you.
A lot of people date strictly for what they can obtain from their partners of which sex and money ranks on top of the list. Some people date for the social favours they can obtain from their partners while others do it strictly for their egos.
However the most common reasons why people who go into relationships for the purpose of using their partners do so are for sex and money.
Here are Eight ways you can know if partner is there to drill a hole in your pocket and also for the pleasure.
They Always Have A Pity Story Money Can Solve
They will always bring up stories about how they are short on cash because they had to borrow their cousin money for school fees.
They will then tell you that they need money from you for sundry expenses such as light bills, replacement of a faulty appliance and other expenditures they can wrap their heads around.
They could turn this into a pattern where they will bring up serious and heartbreaking stories that will give you no option than to give in to their demands.
If you however ask them how their cousin is or whatever they used the money for, they can’t seem to remember what you’re talking about. They’d likely bring up a story to change the thread of discussion to something else.
They Prefer To Hangout At Home Or In A Hotel
If you find yourself inviting your boyfriend or girlfriend out to a restaurant or the cinemas and you get a negative answer, they may be a user.
Someone that wants you for sex or money only will go out with you once or twice and that’s it. At the end of the dates, they will likely want you to follow them back to a hotel or room so as to get to third base.
They Scarcely Keep In Contact
Most people that use their partners for the benefit of sex usually act spontaneously. There can be a week where they would be all over you and the following week, you wouldn’t even get a call from them.
The moment they however feel you’re slipping away from them, they immediately make an effort to get you back.
You Don’t Get To Know Their Friends
If you do get to meet the friends of someone that’s out to use you, it’s usually awkward.
They may find it difficult to recall your name or other details about you and even if they do, you don’t get to spend more than 10 minutes with their friends.
More so, their friends may not even try to communicate or form a connection with you which may be an indication that your partner has told them that they do not expect you to be around for long.
They Only Want To Hang out At Odd Hours
Someone that’s keen on using you just for sex would likely want to see you only during strange hours. It could be that they get free at odd hours only, but that shouldn’t mean they should want to be with you only at odd hours.
And by odd hours we mean a time when you can’t eat out at a restaurant, watch a movie at the cinemas or hangout with their friends.
Except they’re only willing to talk, cuddling and binding will only lead to you getting down to have sex.
If you have an idea that they are active and awake during the daytime, but they never seem to have the time for you except for a quickie, things are as alarming as they get.
Dismissal Right After Sex
This perhaps is one of the most telling signs that your partner wants you just for sex if they seek to dismiss you immediately after a hot lovemaking session.
They never want you to stay around for cuddling or meals as they practically want you out of the way right after sex.
People like this use lines like “I have an early meeting tomorrow. Let’s see as soon as possible, okay?” Irrespective of the excuse they give, someone that’s out to use you for sex will have you leave whenever they want you to.
They Initially Pay For Dates
This technique is one that people out to use you for money employ. They can pay for your first hangout together but subsequently guilt-trip you into paying for all other dates in the future.
The initial show of generosity is to have you do the same for them in the future. The problem with this however is that the moment they do not pay for your hangouts together again, they never do again.
The ironic part of it is that your hangouts after this become increasingly expensive than the ones they paid for at first.

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