Hush Puppi spent 11.5million in club... beef between Davido and Hush puppi

The Twitter user shared a photo of several Quilox receipts said to be from the big money spender Hush Puppi. According to the gist on the streets, Hush Puppi spent a whooping sum of N11.5m at the club.
In these hard times, it is almost unbelievable that someone is spending so much in a night club. However, if you know Hush Puppi you wouldn't be surprised that he spends so much. His Instagram account is a snapshot of the rich and lavish.

Hush Puppi proudly shows off his designer shoes, expensive watches, and sports cars. He also posts photos of him in exotic locations. According to his lifestyle, spending N11.5m in the club is nothing.
Hush Puppi loves to spend a lot on clothesplay
Hush Puppi loves to spend a lot on clothes
 (Instagram )

Hush Puppi's recent balling at Quilox wasn't just for fun. The Malaysian based man wanted to make a point to Nigeria's most extravagant music act Davido. Hush Puppi dropped N11m in the club because he wanted to show Davido he is richer than him.
Davido flaunting wads of cashplay
Davido flaunting wads of cash

According to a source who spoke to Pulse Gist, Davido was at Quilox on Friday, March 10, 2017, and as usual bought a lot of drinks. "When it was time to pay for his drinks, Davido claimed his (ATM) card was not working" the source told Pulse Gist.
Olamide and Davido holding red cupsplay
Olamide and Davido holding red cups

Hush Puppi caught of wind of this and went to Quilox on Saturday night to show Davido who is boss. He spent N11m in the club to prove to Davido that he was a self-made man and was not living off his father's wealth.
After popping so much in Quilox, Hush Puppi dropped a sub on his Instagram. "They need to talk about me to get attention because if they spoke about themselves, no one would give a fuck #Gucci #BabaOlowoHimself " he wrote on his Instagram page on Sunday.
Hush Puppi's fridgeplay
Hush Puppi's fridge 
(Instagram )

Hush Puppi didn't stop there. He took more shots at Davido on Snapchat too. "I am speaking on behalf of my honorable self and classic baggie and self-paid, if them born anybody well, or ‘UNA CREW’ make una come out tonight, make we use am do champions league final in this lagos tonight!!! Bottles will be flying from the beginning.
"Hennesy don enter body and tonight is the night to let you all know I didn’t go and count bridges in Malaysia for 4 years
"If your net worth is a hundred million and below, stay at home tonight or come as a fan or a looker.
‘Note to Shina Peller: No credit sale tonight, no selling to anyone based on personality or past glory.
‘"ur own bank open today and our token dey on standby and network good, no story, no ‘i dey come’, no ‘baba u no sabi me ni’. ITS CHAMPIONSHIP NYT.
‘'There’s difference between omo baba olowo and baba olowo."
Hush Puppi claims he bought this Patek Phillipe watch for $40,000play
Hush Puppi claims he bought this Patek Phillipe watch for $40,000

Of course Davido wouldn't take this direct shots lightly. The pop superstar has responded to Hush Puppi's taunts today on his Snapchat.
Davido bragging about his account statementplay
Davido bragging about his account statement 

Davido shared a screenshot of his bank account statement on Snapchat. "Hush Puppi!! U Better Commot this Naija!! Zero breathing space!! Never in ur life!!!!!!! ur lost!!!!!"
Davido lashes out at Hush Puppiplay
Davido lashes out at Hush Puppi 
(Snapchat )

"Mr Bully the boys git bullied! Cry cry baby!!! Hush Puppi better use private jet commot this country!! Even Malay no safe for u!!!"
Davido lashes out at Hush Puppiplay
Davido lashes out at Hush Puppi 

"Fame dey hungry u abi!!! Which song u sing??? Idiot..u just live to make u feel better than everyone!!! Wey u dey December??? Money wey u suppose use buy house mumu ode!"
Davido lashes out at Hush Puppi  play
Davido lashes out at Hush Puppi 


With his beef with Davido many are asking who Hush Puppi is. Not much is known about the extravagant man. There are claims that he is linked with oil magnate Ayiri.
His mysterious persona and the unknown source of his wealth has made him an attractive personality online.

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