Air crash averted in Australia

Air crash averted in Australia as AirAsia plane develops engine problem.

Passengers of an AirAsia flight headed for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sunday escaped death after the plane in which they were travelling with developed engine problem.
The plane was forced to turn back to Perth, Australia 75 minutes after take-off for an emergency landing following a severe engine problem.
The passengers described the tortuous journey as being like “a washing machine” with rapid shaking and rattling following a “huge bang” that took place around 75 minutes into the six-hour journey.

The shaking was said to have been caused by an engine seizure but the exact cause of the seizure was yet to be ascertained.
The incident was scary that the pilot even with his 44 years of experience beckoned on the passengers to pray for safety.
Passengers were also asked to keep an eye on the engine through their window, as the pilot couldn’t see what was happening at the engine from the cabin.
Marine emergency services north of Perth were immediately placed on standby in case there was need for a water landing.
Reports say nobody was injured during the frightening trip.
AirAsia said in a statement that passengers were attended to by their ground staff upon landing and were provided with all necessary assistance.
The statement further said that AirAsia engineers were taking the precautionary steps to check the aircraft.

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